Zoe’s $1 Million Idea

IMG_9689On January 2, 2018, Zoe woke up with a brilliant idea:


Don’t even think of stealing it, I’m documenting it here just in case because you’re going to love it.

Here’s how it works (this was the actual conversation):

  • Zoe (waking from a nap): Mom, I’ve got a great idea. I’m going to make these headphones that when someone says, “Sh*t” [insert my raised eyebrows. she has never to my knowledge said that…], then the headphones change that word into something nice.
  • Me: Wow, that’s a great idea, Zoe! 
  • Zoe: Yeah, like if someone says something like ‘You’re dumb’ it would change into ‘You’re really smart’. Or if they say, ‘I H-A-T-E you’ then it changes to ‘I love you’. [yes, she spelled out ‘hate’]
  • Me: Very cool!
  • Zoe: It would be great for bullying.

Then I remembered a video I had found that I watched with her many months ago called How to Stop a Bully from Brooks Gibbs. In it he insists that a student “bully” him as much as she can, and he models how he thinks people should respond.

Clearly, that video made Zoe think. And now, Happiness Headphones™.

Other great benefits of Happiness Headphones™?

Let’s say you NEED to hear a “bad” word. Like “stink”. Just turn the headphones UP so you can hear “stinkbug” and turn it DOWN to change “You stink” into “You smile a lot” [actual copy provided by Zoe, copyright pending].

The inventor is fuzzy on exactly when (or how) Happiness Headphones™ will be available to the public,  but if you’d like get on the waitlist, just let me know. I’m still interviewing for the marketing role she’ll surely need, but I’m hopeful!

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