No more monkeys.


For any parent who’s spent Friday night sleeping on the floor with their child while she sniffled and struggled to sleep, only to get up on Saturday morning and head to the doctor to rule out another ear infection, you’ll understand this. The rest of those sorts of weekends are often spent at home, most often using your best “fun ideas” to keep that kid happy.

And that’s how we ended up pulling out the box of princess dresses my sweet niece Sophia passed down to Zoe.

In fact, we tried on every one – not because they were so lovely, but because apparently princess dresses are “scratchy”. So we tried to find the least scratchy pretty princess dress to go with our glass (plastic) slippers. Then OUR little princess wanted to go outside in those slippers and ended up on her trike. But that was just the beginning.

Princess Scratchy was then a full parade of Halloween Past, from tiger to kitty to monkey to zebra to lady bug to giraffe – and back again. Landing on the kitty most often, which is how we ate dinner (and other snacks). And finally ending up as a monkey, running around the back yard and (as you will soon find ironic), jumping on her new big girl bed. Yes, yes, I reminded her what happened when those monkeys jumped on the bed.

Oh, and yes, she has a big girl bed, which is not that big actually. It’s a crib mattress sized toddler bed with a half rail that’s super close to the ground, which I, as the paranoid mother who let her fall off the bed at 8 months old, absolutely love. That same paranoid mother spent a couple of months obsessing over what that “big girl” would DO once she got that “big girl” bed. Would she let herself out of the house and go for a joy ride? Head to the kitchen and drink the floor cleaner?! (don’t worry, I obsessively put all that stuff up in a high high place)

Anyway, here’s what that big girl did:

  • First few nights, she did exactly what she did in the crib – she woke up and called for mommy & daddy
  • Then, she opened the door of her big girl room and came to find mommy and daddy, without a word
  • And so, as you’d imagine, she has spent a few nights in our bed, snuggled between mommy and daddy…

And she kicks. But anyway, flash forward to this past Sunday night (after her parade of princesses and animals) to 3:30 am when I woke to a BOOM! as our little monkey fell right off the bed. If you’ve never been woken to that noise, and the screaming that follows, I hope your good fortune continues. The best thing I could think was “well, maybe now she’ll stay in her bed”, and I took her right back to that big girl bed and got her to sleep.

5:30 am our big girl got right back in our bed. Guess there’s something to say about getting back on the horse. Wish us luck?

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