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I know, I know. 8 weeks is a long time to not blog. And somehow, it’s June. And in between, a lot has happened…

  • April 15 = I flew to Boston (yes, this was day of marathon bombing…) and landed 2 hours after the bombs went off. So, I got right back on a plane an hour after landing and flew home; 13 hour flight to/from Boston in 14 hours. That was a long day – but thank goodness our Boston staff was all OK. The bombs exploded on 100 meters to each side of our HQ
  • April 19 – 23 = Bart and I flew to Cabo for a much needed vacation while Bart’s parents graciously watched Zoe. Insert quality time lying by a pool (and at a poolside bar) and picture much better parents flying home ;)
  • April 25 – 29 = Bart flew to Jazz Fest with some friends, while Zoe, Grandma Ruth and I went to meet Aurora for a princess party. Zoe had her first experience at a tea party with a princess and learned to limbo [CLICK FOR VIDEO]!
  • May 1 – 4 = I flew to Chicago for work and got some quality skype time with Zoe.
  • May 6-7 = I flew to Boston for work; more quality skype time with Zoe.
  • May 10 = I had my gall bladder removed… After almost a year of undiagnosed digestive issues, during which I had a brief ultrasound of my gall bladder and a doc said “not a problem”, followed by several other tests that turned up nothing, I had another ultrasound of my gall bladder that showed gallstones. So, no more gall bladder. I feel much lighter ;)
  • May 17 – 22 = I flew to NY for Internet Week NY and the Webby Awards show again, and spent the day before the event in the Big Apple with my sister, then flew home the night before my birthday to sleep in my own bed and wake to my sweet daughter singing Happy Birthday!
  • May 24 to today = Still trying to get settled, went to Palm Springs for a Girl’s night, and celebrated Bart’s birthday last week on June 6 (Happy Birthday, Daddy! You’re the coolest old dad with a toddler on the block!).

Layer on top of those weeks a major project: we redid our entire backyard, with lots of help from Zoe’s grandparents (thanks so much Grandpa Bernie & Grandma Ruth!) and Brother Greg, who flew down from Portland to help us out. I’ll post on that, along with other fun Zoe antics very soon. That’s not to say I’m caught up, but I just realized last week that Zoe’s 2nd year of life book (I print the blog each year for posterity) is going to be very very thin if I don’t get on it.

So, I’ll spread out the catch-up posts not to overwhelm you, and don’t worry, I’m sure there will be another big GAP in there while we struggle to balance work, life and the joy of raising a 2 year old. A running, frolicking toddler who will be THREE on September 1, 2013. I cannot believe it.

In case you missed the link above, here’s Zoe’s Limbo video:

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