Because I did.


Don’t bother asking her why. Ever.

There’s only one answer: “Because I did.”

Why did you throw that carrot on the floor? Why did you poke Daddy in the eye? Why did you…? Because I did.

Did you just poop? Yes. Why didn’t you poop in the potty so you could get 2 M&Ms? Because I didn’t. And so on.

Technically, she’s not wrong. But we’ve clearly entered the “I’m not so logical but I know what’s going on here” phase. The funny part is how hard we’ve tried not to use “Because I said so” when she asks why. Wasted effort ;)

So here we are. They say 2 year olds have a tendency to test. Pretty sure this is testing. Worse? It carries over to potty training. And I’m afraid we missed a window back when she was younger (and less wiser) and actually excited about using the potty. I know, I know. Everyone says “Have you ever met a 10 year old in diapers?” (meaning, they WILL learn to go in the potty), but for a child who’s so advanced in other ways, potty training is not on her short list. I think she’s figured out it’s not as glamorous as it seems when Mommy & Daddy use the potty. And really, it’s not.

We have 2 potties (one like a small throne on the floor – just Zoe size) and one that fits over the toilet seat (just like Mommy & Daddy). We’ve tried praise when she does it (and she HAS used the potty for both pee-pee and poop). We’ve tried encouragement (you can do it, you’re a BIG girl!), books filled with peer pressure (Ashley does it, you can too), M&Ms (on recommendation from her school, and apparently at school, it works), and GOLD STARS (which only worked once).

Actually, on that note, here’s a tip for any caretakers you bring in while you’re using a reward system:  TEACH THEM THE SYSTEM.

If you don’t, you just might come home one day and see your daughter with a FULL PAGE of gold stars, having stuck them EVERYWHERE. In fact, you’ll probably find them all over your floor. Oh, and she’ll probably offer you one, for NOTHING. (this is a true story, and we are still finding stars)

Anyway, she is a smart girl. And when she’s ready to use the potty, I’m certain she will. One day at a time.

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