Outbreak (like the movie but not as bad)


So let’s just say it’s been a long few weeks (months? years?), but totally worth it.

As I’ve mentioned before, starting school last September has changed all our lives, and not always for the better. Though she still LOVES school and gets rave reviews there (I’ll write about that later), the toughest part has been the petri dish effect. And so, as a continuation of the monthly illness she’s picked up at school for the past 7 months, she’s been sick for the past 3 weeks, straight.

You read about the tooth, snot, fever 2-week event we just survived – the very next week: stomach bug. I know what you’re thinking: I can’t wait to read about THIS! Believe me, reading it will be better than living it, so focus on the bright side ;)

Here’s the fast track:

  • Tuesday when we picked her up from school she was oddly tired, clingy and quiet (read: not our kid); by 10 pm on that night, she was standing up in her crib asking for mommy/daddy.
  • Moments after Daddy entered the room, she was projectile vomiting over the edge of the crib. How do I know this? Moments after THAT, while she was vomiting, Daddy called out for Mommy, who entered the room to see her child clinging to the crib rail and her husband standing 2 feet away on the other side, frozen. Now, I’m not making fun. It was GROSS. But my first instincts said “get her out of there”, and so I did.
  • Then there was snuggling with Daddy and an heroic cleanup by Mommy (I HATE BAD SMELLS), then back to bed.
  • An hour later, she called out for Mommy again and was so miserable we went out to snuggle in the living room and 15 minutes later, more puke (while in Mommy’s lap, but smart Daddy had given us a handy towel which worked perfectly).
  • Insert 3 days of very little sleep, lots of washing clothes, sheets, stuffed animals, towels from (thankfully) 2 more bouts of vomiting 2 days later and MANY bouts of diarrhea (or ‘blowouts’ as Daddy likes to call them) and a trip to the doctor when some of that diarrhea (4 days later) looked “white”, which is apparently not a good thing.
  • End (though we’re not quite out of the woods yet) with a diagnosis of a “stomach bug that’s going around”, assurance that she’s hydrated and that we’re on the road to recovery.

So, to celebrate the entire family shared a bag of Uncle Ben’s 90-second microwave white rice for our special Friday night dinner. Yum. See? I hope reading all that made your week look better – and if it didn’t, I’m sorry to hear that.

And whether or not your week was awesome, I hope this makes you smile. At the end of the day on Wednesday, when we thought things were getting better since she hadn’t puked in many hours, she and I called Daddy to give him an update. Here’s how that went:


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