The Edge of Glory

photo 2

Stand back, Lady Gaga.

I’ve been trying to capture this for a while now, but thanks to our friend Ani who I think loves Zoe almost as much as we do, we now have it on video. Let’s just say, we’ve been known to have a dance party here at the Johnson household. And my favorite song to run to (not that I run often, but still) is Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory.

Now I’ve never been a Lady Gaga fan, until my friend Sharon showed me the video of her singing with a piano on Howard Stern (I’m not a Stern fan either, by the way…) But after that video, where you can really hear how amazing her voice is, I fell in like. So that version’s not the one to run to, but the dance party version IS, and believe me, little Zoe likes the edge of glory.

As I type this, Zoe has just woken up on a Saturday morning, singing. She’s not on the edge of glory, but she’s surely on the edge of something ;)

Anyway, we love to hear her sing, and honestly, while I love that we have this on video, there are MUCH more powerful (read: LOUD) versions of Zoe singing that song solo. Maybe one day I’ll catch one of those. In the meantime, thanks Ani!


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