New Year, New You!


If you’re a Facebook friend, this is old news: on January 5, Zoe got her first haircut!

But even if you ARE a Facebook friend, you haven’t had a chance to see THIS yet:

CLICK FOR VIDEO (for you email/mobile folks)

Pay close attention to the screaming children in the background, and the calm on our daughter’s face in the middle of that chaos. She never complained or questioned once – AND since returning home, what upsets her most is when she asks to get her haircut AGAIN and we tell her she has to wait… As you can tell, we took her to a specialty haircut shop, The Yellow Balloon, which got great reviews online and was close to our home.

I had no idea what to expect, but the reviews said there were “fun things” for kids to do there, and when we set the appointment, they suggested we come early. Well, I should put up a review of my own… First, a pinball machine is not ideal for a 2-year-old. Nor is a Pac-Man arcade game, or a gumball/tiny-choking-object surprise machine. And hey, YES, little kids love ride-on toys (and the Cars movie is quite popular) but putting FOUR ride-on toys on the floor in the middle of a crowded room where parents are wrangling screaming kids is not ideal.

That said, I must admit that these stylists know how to handle squirming, squealing kids, and the small baskets of random toys served as great distractions for little Zoe. And I’m aware that they work with kids of lots of ages, but I’m glad we didn’t show up early for all the “fun things” – in fact, we were late thanks to an unusual nap time.

Anyway, one haircut down, lots to go ;)

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