Need a Babysitter?


Let’s face it. As parents sometimes we just need a little alone time. And sometimes there’s just no one available to make that alone time happen (read: no one can care for the one who won’t give you any alone time ever).

Enter Zoe. The ultimate in “I have called every single person I know and am considering the kooky lady next door” childcare.

For Christmas, our friends Holly and Panda gave Zoe her first “baby”, Sara. She came with all the things a good mother needs to care for her child: stroller, carseat, baby bed, bottle, binky. It was super cute to watch Zoe “care for” sweet little Sara, for about the first 15 minutes. Not so cute to watch THIS:

CLICK FOR VIDEO (in case you got this via email)

Clearly, she needs a little more training, from more qualified parents. Or if you’re desperate, she may be just what you need (we’ll provide the pillows, iPad and baby gate play yard – yes, we own that). For what it’s worth, she’s a little gentler with her first Build-a-Bear (that’s “Tara” in the photo up top), though even Tara can be found in strange places, all alone, face down…

But building a bear was a fun experience (thanks, Uncle Darren!). If you haven’t built a bear before (we had not), I highly recommend it – though the nice lady who worked at the store told us that Zoe was the perfect age to get one. Apparently older kids actually understand that you can BUY everything in the store and want 1,000 accessories for the bear they will leave strange places, all alone, face down.

We fell for 2 items: a heartbeat (how cute is that?!) and a stroller (yes, a second one). The stroller was the ONLY thing she actually cared about in that very full store (other than the bear), and she pushed it through the mall for about 10 minutes giggling before she got tired and wanted me to carry her (and the stroller, and the bear).

Anyway, it was still fun. Here’s how it worked:

  • Zoe picked out her bear, and it was empty.
  • Then she took the bear over to the stuffer and she got to press a foot pedal that fills the bear up with stuffing, and the nice worker sewed her right up.
  • THEN there was a “washing” station with another foot pedal where she blew air on her bear and brushed it “clean” (I guess they’re dirty before that?)
  • Finally, we made a birth certificate, bought a stroller and left.

So, if you need a cool gift for a 2-year-old, a Build-a-Bear gift certificate might be for you. And if you need a babysitter, we’re standing by for your call ;)

Happy New Year!

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