Twas the Night Before Christmas

photo 1

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
My husband was snoring
He was totally worn out

The stockings were laid, too close to the fire
With milk and cookies for Santa, which my daughter desired
A pink heart for Santa, a red one for Rudolph
Mrs. Clause, a chocolate sprinkled Frosty knock-off

Though far from our families, we were not left out
We joined video chat with the Johnsons, thanks to Google Hangout
Zoe was ready for Christmas, she put on quite a show
In a red velvet dress with her cheeks all aglow

Tearing through presents with gusto, while mommy drank wine
Zoe greeted each gift with “mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!”
The gifting all ended with Cinderella pajamas
And daddy reading his version of Llama Llama, Holiday Drama

When we got her to bed, after many a book
She squirmed with excitement, and again asked for Santa’s milk
Can’t wait for the morning to see her face filled with delight
But for now I’m just happy for this sweet Christmas night

Merry Christmas Eve from the Luckiest Mom in the World (hey, that’s me!)


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