Zoe’s New Ride! (aka “Bike Round 2”)

As you may know, Zoe’s awesome parents gave her a BIKE for her birthday! We were so excited!

Let’s just say WE have been more excited about that bike than Zoe has… In case you missed it, it was a cute yellow balance bike (no pedals), which I put cute reflective flower stickers on myself.  We hid it in the closet, then the day after her birthday, we gave it to her with much fanfare (along with elbow and knee pads). She exclaimed “a bicycle!”, then proceeded to she follow Daddy on his bike for maybe 4 minutes [VIDEO] and decided that she preferred to ride ON daddy’s bike. She liked the idea of her own bike a lot. I don’t think she’s lazy, but they say attention spans are short at 2, and I think they may be right.

Speaking of which, Mommy instantly wanted to scrap the bike and buy a trike, which we had intentionally avoided since they say it’s easier for them to learn to ride a real bike if they START with a balance bike. Knowing that my attention span is also short, I decided to see if she would come around. To date, she has not. So, back to the 2-year-old (me), I begged Bart to get a trike this past weekend, which we did. Control freak that I am, you’ll notice this trike even has a “push & steer” feature (not surprising, right?)

Anyway, so far she prefers to “push” along with her feet (as she should have done with the balance bike but never wanted to do) and is resisting the pedaling part. Oh, and she really likes to “coast” (read: we push the trike while she puts her feet up on the pedals). But in fairness, she hasn’t had much time to figure it out yet, and at least she likes to stay ON this one. We’ll see how it goes!

One more thing we learned: you can’t “try out” a new kitty helmet to see if it fits. Even when it doesn’t quite fit (and you have to tighten it down to make sure it does its job), your small child will want to wear it, around the house, during breakfast and so on. Maybe better to try those on in the store… So many lessons to learn! Vroom, vroom.

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