Love that Pumpkin!

What is it about a pumpkin that’s so exciting? Other than its lovely orange color (and built-in handle), it’s a reminder that Halloween is on the way – and the holidays are coming up fast.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that Oct-Dec are my favorite months of the year. They’re playful and all about being thankful and generous. And as one of the luckiest people on the planet, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for! But this blog isn’t about me…

My little pumpkin is off to a good start for pumpkin+ season. She’s been to a pumpkin patch TWICE (Underwood Farms & it’s really cool!) and has not only ridden her favorite horse Tinkerbell multiple times but has added a new friend: Rosebud. It’s amazing that riding around in a circle, slowly, on a furry animal can generate so much excitement among children.

For Halloween, we again had multiple costume options this year, all hand-me-downs (YAY!): a tiger, a giraffe and a zebra, oh my! The night before Halloween I pulled them all out and showed them to the Bart’s parents who were taking Zoe to the pumpkin patch for Halloween. Bart’s dad instantly said, “Those sure look hot.” It’s a double-edged sword living in a warm climate, but hey, Halloween only happens once a year. I put out 2 other “likely-too-small-but-definitely-cooler” options, and of course, Zoe had some opinions about her favorites:

Note the one in the middle. Turns out the tiger won (and though possibly the least HOT, it’s flannel and padded on the tummy, not what most people choose at 75 degrees…), and she insisted on wearing it to the pumpkin patch. Oh, and still puts it on at some point every day since.

So Halloween was a big hit. For better or worse, after a very full day filled with pumpkins, Trick or Treat was not in the cards for this year. And the week before Halloween, Mommy and Daddy went to Hawaii to celebrate their 3rd anniversary (Bart loves it when I say, 3 down, 3 to go). But I’ll write a separate post about how important it is for parents to have some “alone time” and how it really makes them better parents. One day, I’m sure Zoe will understand and will forgive us for getting married on the funniest holiday of the year ;)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our pumpkins to yours!

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