Up, Down, Up, Down

One step closer to, well, steps!

And so it goes for Zoe during every waking hour for the past week: Up, Down, Up, Down (repeat). Though she hasn’t yet figured out how to get from one place to another in the standing position, she is absolutely, positively standing (while holding on to the coffee table, fireplace, and conveniently, my mother’s walker – thanks for the broken leg, mom!). And she is days away from letting go of her props.

Anyone who’s seen her pull up on something has said “uh oh, she’s about to be walking” (with emphasis on the “uh oh” part). I must say I personally have a mix of fear and excitement about this next phase. Part of me is so intrigued by the view of my daughter walking into the room, a little person at last – LESS intrigued by the vision of her running in the other direction, her OWN person. But like it or not, here it comes. Might as well embrace it, right?

We’re (mostly) babyproofed, with the exception of a few cabinets and extension cords and the big job remaining of figuring out how to temper the huge, original panes of glass that surround 1/4 of our awesome 1950’s home. Oh, the charm of old houses. Those windows were a selling point, and the light is so lovely. But when you stop for a second and picture your dining room chair crashing through one of them as it shatters all over your child’s head, they’re a little less appealing.

Given that a huge part of parenting is blocking from your mind the death and devastation that COULD result from all the possible, terrible outcomes of (what used to be) benign everyday situations, I guess I may as well just add this one to the list. I can barely watch my daughter close a drawer (she could lose a finger) or chew her own food (choking hazard, it happens!), though I do those things myself every day. And I’m told there was a time when I wasn’t very good at it.

Imagine how well I’ll do with her running in the general direction of the pointed, tile hearth that surrounds the fireplace in our living room. Come on, they call them “toddlers”, which sure sounds a lot like “I could topple over at any moment and lose an eye.” If you’ve got any tips for parents of new walkers – other than my mom’s tip to “keep her on the play mat” (hahahahaha) – we’re all ears. In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy watching her grow – she’s clearly excited about this upright, mostly unassisted standing thing. There must be something good about it ;)

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