The Monthly(?) Zoe Update

Alright, alright, alright.

I have no terrific excuse for not posting lately, other than the general “busy” one, but I hear you loud and clear: You need an update (thanks to those of you who kindly let me know how far behind I’ve gotten). And a whole lot CAN change in a very short amount of time in the life of a tiny, wonderful child, who’s not so tiny any more.

To meet all our goals (I want to make you happy, you want an update, the universe wants me to constantly feel like I’m “doing” something), here goes an update, in pictures.

Zoe really HAS changed A LOT over the past month as she rapidly approaches the big 0-1 on September 1st ;)

For example, she’s become an avid reader.

(no, she cannot read)

She’s quite the help in the kitchen.

(we loosely define “help”, though I’d say she’s more of a help than I am)

She’s already choosing her own outfits.

(it’s better than when Daddy dresses her)

She’s a fabulous sleeper.

(yes, her hand is stuck down beside the mattress and no, we did not wake her to fix it)

She got a new fancy, expensive pool!

(no, mom and dad don’t fit in it – don’t remind us. yes, she got mommy’s thighs and daddy’s belly)

There was a shark attack, but no one got hurt.

(except my mother who broke her leg)

Actually, it was her fibula and had nothing to do with a shark – and she’s out here in LA babysitting like she’s a teenager.

(this last one is completely true. keep in mind that teenagers are known for having a mind of their own and rarely doing what you tell them to do)

And that’s the update. Hope you enjoyed Zoe in pictures. In all seriousness, she’s doing GREAT! Really does love books AND the water, and she’s sleeping 11-12 hours a night on a regular basis. Whew. I feel better (and it’s not just because of the extra sleep). Will do my best to post more often. Smooch.

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