4 down, 16 to go.

We’re talking about teeth here. Who knew there were so many?

So far, Zoe’s been a fabulous teether. Sure, she’s had her moments (like at midnight, 3 am and 5 am, three nights this week), but they’re honestly not bad moments. She’s not screaming or inconsolable. She’s just awake long enough to nurse and then pass out again – but that’s no bueno compared to the 11-12 hour nights of nonstop sleep to which we’ve become accustomed.

Let me tell you this: when your sleep is interrupted for 9 months straight and then you get 11-12 hours of continuous sleep for a month, a new round of interruptions will really slow you down. It’s honestly like starting all over again, but worse. At least when the sleep-rough nights happened the first time it was at the end of a long trip (pregnancy) that culminated in the most challenging experience in a woman’s life (childbirth). But once things return to normal, sleep-rough nights are simply cruel.

But back to Zoe, who’s the one really suffering here. She’s working on 2 more teeth simultaneously, her top lateral incisors (yep, I looked that up). It’s like a race that’s hard to watch – which side will come through first? Left, right (we’re taking bets, if you’re interested). But after 5 days of waiting, where we can basically see the teeth through her gums on both sides, neither one will pop through (ouch).

Zoe’s adding teeth like Noah filled the ark, 2 by 2. Which seems pretty efficient when you think about it – she got that from her mother (the efficiency, not the teeth, though I do have teeth – is that genetic?). Regardless, send some good vibes towards sweet Zoe’s tiny mouth. We could really use a few more nights of sleep ;)

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