If you can’t crawl, PLANK

Our sweet little baby is SOOOO close to crawling! In fact, she’s taken what I’d call a “crawling step” today (moving forward instead of backwards, and on her knees), but then she rests back into a sitting position. So clearly she hasn’t figured out that she can move forward A LOT, thankfully. Maybe this is the BEST stage of crawling?

There are lots of theories on how this crawling thing happens. First, they sit up, all by themselves. Then, they realize they can lean forward and get things. Then, while leaning forward they end up on all fours. THEN, they realize by rocking forwards/back on all fours, they can propel themselves forward, farther. That’s the general idea, anyway. Though many sites say kids “skip crawling and go straight to walking”, they also say that if you don’t put your baby on the floor for long enough (“floor time” and “tummy time” before that), that they are unlikely to figure it out any time soon. Some sites go as far as saying that exersaucers slow down development. Pick a theory; you can find support online.

No one, that I can find, mentions “Plank“. But some babies (like Zoe) must be born to yoga. Sure, it’s not as fun as crawling (who really LOVES plank anyway?!), but imagine how strong her abs are going to be ;) And I think it’s time we put some serious thought into babyproofing

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