Is There a NEW TOOTH Fairy?!

Ok, so the video sure makes us look like crazy parents AND you can’t even really see the tooth – but it’s THERE! And in true Zoe fashion, her “teething” for her very first tooth EVER was basically a little whimpering at night, some drooling, then a tooth and a smile ;) What a baby.

We THOUGHT she was teething 3 months ago (crazy parents), then 2 months ago (crazy parents), and then we gave up and figured we’d know she’d been teething when she popped a tooth. Goes to show that the more you obsess about things, the crazier you seem – I mean, it doesn’t help to obsess. When I say we “thought” she was teething, I mean she at first she was drooling a little more than normal (and drooling is a sign). But no tooth. Then that stopped almost immediately, but she started chewing on everything (also a sign). So we pulled out the frozen chewy teething toys and put a wet washcloth in the fridge (my sister swears by that one). But no tooth.

This time, when she whimpered one night, I told Bart that I thought she might be teething – that yes, THIS might be teething for the world’s most wonderful child. A little whimpering. And imagine that, a tooth. If you’re curious, there’s a lot more about baby teeth online, and ironically, like crawling, Zoe’s a little behind on this tooth thing. “The vast majority of babies sprout their first teeth when they’re between 4 and 7 months.”

Regardless, Zoe officially has her first tooth. And ironically, it happened at approximately the most stressful moment of this year for me (we just launched a brand at work, literally on “tooth day”). So I have to believe somehow Zoe knew mommy was nuts and daddy had to take care of mommy, so she decided to “help” by ushering in her first tooth with little fanfare – though we were still incredibly excited ;) And we keep hearing that the next several teeth just pop up like magic (until you get to the BIG ones), so we hope for Zoe’s sake they’re equally pain-limited.

OOOOOH, we have the best baby in the world. I don’t know WHY we got so lucky, but I am so thankful to be mom to the prettiest, smiley-est, cuddliest, most fabulous baby on the planet. Zoe Rocks.

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