Now That’s Love (a mother’s day story)

So, for my very first Mother’s Day ever I asked for one thing: help “finishing” the nursery. As Zoe has grown out of (LOTS OF) things, we’ve generated stacks (or boxes) of items that fit no one in the house, so it was time to review.

Anyway, I got help (I also got beautiful deep yellow orchids, which was equally awesome)! And though we didn’t completely “finish”, we did get so much done that we noticed afterwards that Zoe’s room actually echoes a little… Music to my ears. Beyond the fact that the walls (or stacks of stuff) were closing in on me in the nursery, we’re really hoping to move Zoe officially to her crib soon, instead of sleeping in her swing, which literally CREAKS when it tries to handle her weight. (I take no responsibility for any potential body image issues reading this may cause down the line)

So, it seemed like a very motherly thing to do to make Zoe’s room a nice place to be, which by the way seems to be working! Anyway, the point of my story (and the odd photos above) is that in true motherly fashion, what I “wanted” turned out to be a lot of work for my motherly self, since only a mother can decide which of the cute tiny clothes she’ll want to pull out on prom night, right? (I think the Bob Dylan onesie is a MUST for this)

So at 3 pm on Sunday, I decided to “want” something else ;) And my wonderful husband, father of my child, suited up and crawled under the house on Mother’s Day to run our internet cable under (vs. through) our home. I love orange, but a fat orange wire running down our hallway made me cringe, and honestly, had I known the photo op I would have gotten out of it, I would have asked for this first.

When I told him that he was of course about to make the blog, he said, “but what about Zoe?” So for my incredible partner in life, here are a couple of Zoe pics to balance things out. Hope all you mothers out there had a TERRIFIC Mother’s Day!

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