The 2nd Happiest Place on Earth!

Some call it the happiest place on earth, but there’s a chance those folks haven’t taken a 6-month old to “The Park” ;) In all fairness, we got to go to Disney with my sister and her lovely family, so we could have been anywhere and been happy!

Zoe met her cousins, Sophia (8) & Spencer (4), and her Uncle Frank for the first time last weekend – and what a rockin’ start to a relationship. See pictures below of the fun had by all! Sophie and Spencer had a great time riding the rides, and we adults may have enjoyed (at the time at least) eating the corn dog, churro and cotton candy we haven’t had in years (for good reason, it turned out).

Zoe’s dad had one mission: To take his daughter to “It’s a Small World“. Zoe’s mother, who had never been to Disneyland (after over 12 years of living in LA), is still in awe of the 72,000 strollers parked outside every single ride (if you’re bored, click HERE for my enthralling stroller video) and shocked by the fact that Disneyland was literally packed at 8 am on a Monday – packed. I must say, Zoe seemed to really enjoy It’s a Small World. I can’t believe she wasn’t overwhelmed by all the color and lights and incredibly loud music, but I suppose Disney knows better than I do just what makes kids tick ;)

In fact, every where you go at Disneyland you’re surrounded by music, food, things to buy, and rides, rides, rides (with lines and lines of people willing to wait 75 minutes for a 12-minute ride). I can’t believe that KIDS can wait in line for that long – amazing (I am not so patient). But again, the good folks at Disney are clearly brilliant!

If you listen, you can get a million parenting tips – for free. Want to learn what to do – and what not to do – when your kid is hyped up on sugar, barely able to contain his/her excitement at being at Disneyland? Listen up. Yelling, while perhaps effective, sure makes you look like “that parent”. Rationalizing might work, but that sure seems like a lot of work. Having MORE FUN than your kid? That looks both fun and effective. Once our child can enjoy Disneyland without crashing out in the stroller every hour or so from sheer overstimulation (though Zoe was not alone), maybe we’ll give that a try.

In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy every minute of NOW! (look, Sophie – you’re on the blog!) Thanks for coming to visit, Dear Lieth Family – we miss you already :)

2 thoughts on “The 2nd Happiest Place on Earth!

  1. It’s like Shawn is your stand-in… Or possibly that Bart has joined that family. Any pics of you with your family?

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