Introducing… FOOD!

You read that right. Zoe had her FIRST EVER taste of solid food tonight. On the menu: SWEET POTATOES.

Daddy cooked ’em right up in our BabyCook (thanks, LA office!), a long-awaited moment in my chef of a husband’s life, making baby food for his very own beautiful child. We knew this moment was coming, so earlier last week we ordered our Sugar Booger Splat Mat and bought some flexy, don’t-shoot-your-eye-out spoons. We also bought some cool freezer containers, so we can make baby food ahead of time and store it (when I say “we”, I mean “Bart”).

As expected, we went to our pediatrician last Thursday for Zoe’s 6-month checkup, and we were cleared for solids. We took a huge leap of faith and did ZERO research on how this works (beyond asking our good friend Bardo, who just introduced food to his incredible twin boys in a highly structured, and highly successful, way and who sent us a long list of what to do that I still haven’t had time to read – sorry, Bardo).

On the other hand, the conversation with our doc went something like this…

DOC: “Fruits and vegetables. Just give her some sweet potatoes, then wait a couple of days and maybe some apple sauce – that organic, no-sugar-added kind – then a few days later maybe some green beans. No chunks.”

ME: “What about those messy biscuit things or Cheerios or something?”

DOC: “Nah. Just give her some real food.”

ME: “But not honey, right? Or peanuts?”

DOC: “No honey, but peanuts are OK. Peanut butter is good. They now think that holding back on giving kids peanuts has actually created their allergies.”

BART: “We just need to wait to introduce meat, right?”

DOC: “Maybe a week or so. She needs iron. Just mix it up – food should be fun.”

And so it is. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, Zoe or us. I’ve been looking forward to this event for a while – you only get ONE chance to taste food for the first time ever (and Zoe has had nothing but breast milk, ever). Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing the moment by having to capture these moments in pictures. Of course, I’ve now watched our daughter take her first bite of ANY food EVER 5 times, so maybe I’m not missing it after all. HAPPY MONDAY!

6 thoughts on “Introducing… FOOD!

  1. To add to the contradictory advice: Introducing (icky) veggies before (sweet) fruits supposedly helps kids like veggies before they know any better. But who knows.

    1. YES! it’s right at the end (I know 32 seconds is a long time to watch someone else’s child on video) – I wasn’t sure if that was because she liked it or hated it?!

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