Weird Science

As promised, pictures from our visit with Uncle Dave, Aunt Chris and Cousin JT! We had an awesome time doing everything from hanging out at the breakfast table, to checking out the California Science Center and making dinner last night. It was a fast but fabulous visit – thanks for coming to see us :)

I’m sure you can’t tell by the picture (they’re so youthful!), but my uncle, like Bart, waited until “later in life” to have a child – and JT was worth the wait! He’s a smart and kind child, who just schooled us on his trip to Pearl Harbor (an unexpected but welcome detour on their trip to Hawaii), and boy, I learned a lot. It’s exciting to think about learning all the stuff I learned in school all over again – through fresh eyes and with a child of my own. It’s also terrifying to think of how much of a workout our internet connection is going to get (and my iPhone, too – because questions don’t wait), as I look up the many, many, many things I’m supposed to know as an adult with a College Degree…

At the Science Center, I also learned a few MORE things I get to enjoy, such as turning OFF my germ-monitor. I swear, I never understood why my mom got upset when my sister and I (TWINS, no less) “shared” a drink. Of course, when my daughter shoved a vinyl toy from the “play room” into her mouth, as she rolled around on the kid-friendly carpeted floor, all I could think about was how the 73,000 little fingers had rubbed snot and saliva (read: germs!) all over it before her. Ew. But I’ll tell you, thinking like that sure does ruin a moment, and when I looked at her face and how much FUN she was having, I realized I’ve got some work to do.

Anyone know where the OFF button is for the mommy germ monitor?

And one more thing I got a chance to wonder about: What terrible (or great?) habits is Zoe going to inherit (or absorb?) from her lovely parents? As I watched my uncle and his son diligently work on setting up a tricky domino run at the Science Center, I noticed some genetics at work… I bet you will, too (ENJOY!):

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