Zoe Needs an Entourage

Sweet Zoe has a parade of visitors for the new year, the first of which was Nina (my mom), followed by Uncle Greg, both of whom she seemed to take a shine to ;) A little girl with big cheeks, she knows just how to return the cheek pinching favor, Uncle Greg.

Next came Uncle Adam and Uncle Don, all the way from the Big Apple! And Zoe slept through a heck of a dinner party, filled with mashed potatoes, red cabbage, spaetzle, and three kinds of brats (German, Polish and Hungarian).

Yesterday Uncle Dave, Aunt Chris and Cousin JT arrived on their way back to GA from Hawaii (pictures to follow). Unfortunately, we planned the weather poorly for their arrival, as we were smacked with a crazy downpour of rain yesterday and are expecting a low of 32 degrees tonight (yes, 32!). In fact, there is a slight chance of SNOW tonight. SNOW. There’s a 50% chance of wetness all day – but we have sunshine right now, so fingers crossed!

Our next visitors will be my sister and her family (YIPPEE!) in early March, so Zoe will get to meet her Uncle Frank and here cutie pie Cousins Sophia and Spencer VERY soon! (We’ll work on the weather between now and then, sister, I promise.) And shortly after that, Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Bernie arrive! I’m planning to starve myself from now until then, so I can enjoy Grandma Ruth’s awesome baking (cinnamon rolls, please?) – yum.

Don’t let that deter Y-O-U from planning your very own trip out to visit! Seriously, Zoe needs an entourage, and she LOVES visitors (as do we). We’re looking forward to all our visitors on the way! Come on out :)

Zoe’s just getting cuter and cuter and cuter – and she’s been practicing her hugs!

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