Choices, Choices and a Trip to Beantown!

So much to report this week! We spent the week in Boston, arriving home safe and sound last night, and here are some of the highlights from our trip:

  • FIRST FLIGHT! Zoe flew to Boston on Monday (with us, of course), and she was a trooper! She slept, played and ate for most of the 5 1/2 hour flight, and we got SUPER lucky and had the whole row to ourselves. NOTE: changing a diaper in an airplane seat is trickier than it seems… Oh, and if you’re a flight attendant spending your life in a germy plane with germy passengers and their germy luggage, please don’t touch my baby’s face with your germy hands. Yes, that happened.
  • PAR-TAY! Ok, so it wasn’t a party – we were in Beantown for work – but we did get to see some really great friends we’ve worked with for years, who we only see once a year and who Zoe got to meet for the first time ever! And, as we’ve already noticed, she’s a party girl. Actually, she fell asleep for about an hour and a half of the work dinner party we went to on Tuesday night at Sel de la Terre (with around 80 people talking in the background), while just hanging from me in our ERGObaby. And if you have a baby, you’ve gotta have one of those (an ERGObaby, not a party, though parties seem to be good for babies, too, in our experience).
  • SNIFFLEUPAGUS. Unfortunately, Zoe got a sniffle-head before we even left on Monday, which continued for a few days (thankfully with no fever, but still). More unfortunately, on day 2 Dad got sick. And without the magical curative benefits of mommy’s breastmilk, he was not so fast to recover. So Bart and Zoe spent a couple of days in the hotel room – though they did get to go to the Children’s Museum on Tuesday with our friends Luis & Justice and went swimming (Zoe’s first time!) in the heated hotel pool. She loved it!
  • CHOICES. By now you’ve already watched the “which toe is more delicious?” video above, but wow. It sure was fun to watch. She’s mesmerized by her toes, every second they’re uncovered they are quickly moved towards her mouth, and on one of our hotel room evenings, Zoe finding out which toe tastes best made for fabulous entertainment. And that, in my opinion, is why people have kids. Am I right or am I right? ;)
  • SECOND FLIGHT. Let’s just call our flight home a little more “eventful”. Flying home during the “witching hour” (though with time zone changes, who knows when that was supposed to be) was a lot more interesting than flying to Boston in the early morning hours. We’ll keep that in mind for future flights. We didn’t get a whole row to ourselves, so it was more cramped, for one thing. Though I have to say she really wasn’t “bad”, she had a little more trouble falling asleep. But when she did, that rocked. I’d give it an 8 out of 10. Oh, and we’re proud to report we had a drug-free flight in both directions (though drugs were highly recommended by most for flying babies…)

We arrived back in LA to 50 degree weather and torrential rain (not kidding) and came home to our new house for the first time after being away for a while – where we had turned off the heat to save the planet and achieved a 50-degree interior. It felt a bit like being in the Twilight Zone (in a fridge), without the creepy looking actors, but if you can believe it, Zoe slept great. In fact, she slept great every single night of the trip, too.

We consider ourselves super lucky all the way around! Great friends, a great job, a great house, a great partnership and an incredibly great (not to mention cute) baby. Sure hope this means we’re doing something right ;)

4 thoughts on “Choices, Choices and a Trip to Beantown!

  1. The most delicious toe is the fourth toe (the one next to the pinky toe). It is sometimes referred to “the Juice Toe” as it contains more juice than the other toes and is therefore sweeter. If you had just asked me, I could have saved Zoe a lot of time and trouble. Next time you have questions about which part of a baby tastes the best, please let me know.

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