Tiny Bubbles

I have to say, this is a pretty messy Talking Milestone… Compared to the cuteness of cooing, giggling and babbling (my favorite) and the persistence of mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama (which I believe means “milk” at this point more than “mom”), blowing bubbles is a messy business. It’s like raising a camel, or a llama. She’s spit in my eye more than once (sometimes out of frustration, sometimes just testing things out).

Honestly, that’s the oddest part. Blowing bubbles can be a harmless, random sound machine experiment where she’s just seeing what she can do, or it can be a “GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR SEAT NOW” experience that’s less than desirable. And in the latter case, this cute baby can produce some serious saliva, or “bubbles” – ha! Bubbles.

As far as sounds go, she’s on her way to talking – in no time, I’ll bet. While my mom was visiting, someone flipped a switch, and Zoe started spouting a string of sounds that we’d never heard before, including “nananananana”, which is close to “Nina”, what we call my mom instead of “Grandma”. When I suggested to my mom that maybe this grandchild would call her “Na-Nu, Na-Nu“, she wasn’t a big fan (which of course makes me want to make it happen – but she made me promise I wouldn’t…)

Anyway, bubbles. Another step forward in the fun ride to toddle-hood. More to come! In fact, Zoe will be taking her first flight EVER on Monday – we’re headed to Boston for a work meeting – so I expect some fun stuff to come out of that trip. Stay tuned (and wish us luck).

If you have ANY tips on flying with a baby, please send our way :)

2 thoughts on “Tiny Bubbles

  1. Let’s hope Zoe can keep her “bubbles” to a minimum on Monday – at least hope that she can’t shoot them so far that they hit my row :)

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