Spoiler Alert: Zoe in a Dress…

Control yourself, Mom. I did NOT put my daughter in a dress. Her father did.

Not only that, but underneath that dress are some tie-dye leggings that dad snuck into the basket at a baby store (see below on the left with her cutie pie cousins, Sophia and Spencer). Oh, don’t be fooled, Bart Johnson is a fashionista – of the hippie kind. I can’t believe she doesn’t have a grateful dead t-shirt yet, but she will. I’m sure of it.

In the meantime, her mother will keep her mostly in footed pajamas – it’s nearly impossible to keep socks on an infant… I’m a practical dresser. Even my wedding dress had one zipper: no bows, no buttons, no extra parts. I couldn’t even stand a veil. And for Zoe, since we’re regularly changing diapers, I prefer snaps. ALL THE WAY TO THE FEET SNAPS. Not that “snap down one side” (please tell me who thought coaxing a foot out of a full pant-leg that was closed off at the end was a good idea), no “just snaps at the bottom” and absolutely no “zipper all the way down to one foot”.

Zippers for baby clothes baffle me. Beyond being worried about zipping up your child’s skin in the zipper, they go all the way from neck to foot (again, usually just one foot, which is ridiculous). SO, to change a diaper, you basically have to undress your child. The only benefit to zippers is that every time I expose Zoe’s belly, she gets a raspberry. And she really likes that ;)

So back to dresses. It’s not that they aren’t cute, Bardo, it’s that along with dresses you either need tights or bloomers or at a minimum socks, which as I mentioned are tough to keep on a child who can’t stop moving her feet. And tights are cumbersome, bloomers have to come OFF to change a diaper. Do I sound like a crazy (lazy?) person…? Maybe when she’s walking I’ll feel differently about dresses – who knows?

Speaking of walking, she’s begun to “try” to crawl, backwards. She can even get up on all fours, for a second, but then she’s not quite sure what to do yet so she pushes off, backwards. Any tips on helping her move forward, please let us know. Of course, the moment she starts crawling, and I write about it, may be the last blog post you see. I hear that might change our life, a bit ;)

4 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: Zoe in a Dress…

  1. Yay!!! This picture made my day :) She looks so cute in that hippy dress. Love seeing the cousins together too. I’m sure y’all had so much fun. We saw the pictures and wished we were there to join in the fun.

  2. Wow. You have issues. But I have already started shopping for a dress for her first birthday (for her, not me).

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