First, I want to shout out for the Rock n Play sleeper (don’t think I’ve done that yet), which is the only “container” Zoe really likes to be in (other than our arms or the baby bjorn). It’s meant hours of sanity for us, hours of “Dance Party in the Kitchen” for her while we make dinner, and overall has been a great place for her to sleep and hang out in since birth. I found it online when we were building our registry, and luck of the draw, it’s wonderful (thanks, Aunt Susan!) I’m also surprised how many mothers I’ve talked to who have never heard of it – so it’s a great idea for a baby shower gift, too!

We actually used our Ergo Baby Infant Insert to line it, which makes it softer and is still safe, in case that’s part of the magic… You never know! OH, and it folds up and travels. I’m done.

Anyway, back to the point of this post, which is our budding pianist! Last night Dad and Zoe were hanging out in the kitchen, and from the other room I heard a piano being played (poorly). I knew about the piano iPad app we had, but of course assumed it was Dad entertaining Zoe. Then I walked in to see what I captured in the video above (yes, I instantly ran to get a camera…) Keep in mind, she’s 4 1/2 months old. In case you’re interested, the app’s called Virtuoso, and there’s a free version, which my husband pointed out is the only thing I’ll let him get. Oh, marriage.

It’s hard to imagine a world where our children may never type on a keyboard that isn’t touch-screen, may never have to pay for music (thanks, Pandora), and can watch what they want, when they want, without being tied to a TV Guide schedule (what’s that?) Speaking of Pandora, there’s a great kid music station called “Children’s Folk Songs”. We stream it in the car, in the kitchen, wherever, and Zoe really likes the melodies. Which is why I think she’s starting to sing…

Stay tuned for that post. I’m not sure it’s a milestone, but our daughter is moments away from using her vocal cords for good, we’re sure of it ;)

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