Zoe’s New “Roll”

There was great debate at the Johnson household last week about Zoe’s current state of development.

While she’s on track or  ahead of the curve in certain areas (she smiled, laughed and coo’d right on cue, had such strong neck control at 3 months that she got to face forward in the Baby Bjorn early, and she can turn pages of a board book), her father started to get concerned that 50% of babies can roll over at 4 months, but not ours… Her mother pointed out that One: she’ll be “4 months” for a whole month, and Two: once Zoe can roll, the whole landscape changes. Technically, she becomes “mobile” (*gasp*).

And since we’ll be moving in just 2 weeks and unpacking boxes, hanging artwork and organizing our home for weeks after that, my preference is for her to hold off just a bit on that mobile thing (is that so wrong?).

But as it turned out, on Monday – the moment our nanny arrived – Bart let her know that rolling was a priority. I let her know that there was a solid 50/50 parent split on that point. Unfortunately, to a nanny studying infant development, teaching a child to roll over is appealing. And 2 days later, Zoe rolled over from tummy to back, and of course, much to my dismay, there was even a video to prove it.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all FOR progress. I feel confident Zoe is on the verge of saying something (though it might be “pfft-baba” – isn’t that a word?) and soon she’ll be full-on teething, which I hear is a blast for all involved. Her visual tracking is fantastic, and she turns her head to recognize noises. She can sit up for a few minutes in the Bumbo, can “stand” with our support, and she is great at (and loves) tummy time. So she’s already on the path to mobile, all on her own time. Why not just let nature take its course?

Anyway, not to worry – our marriage is intact, our nanny still has her job, and our baby can roll over (sort of). And there you have it. I’ll just focus on the positive and go ahead and buy some bumpers to pad every pointy surface in our new home. ;)

2 thoughts on “Zoe’s New “Roll”

  1. Good job Zoe! You better stay on track!!! Discipline Zoe is
    the only way you will roll all the way around and crawl! practice
    practice practice. Phew…i feel stress for her. Daddy stop

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