Sing, Sing a Song

Not sure what the words are, but this is a tune I don’t mind hearing over and over ;)

There’s a louder version, usually reserved for 5am when she’s fresh and excited to tell us all about her last night’s dream or her plans for the day. There’s a more (and a less) melodic version, but this one does capture the essence of the event – and it’s the only one I’ve been able to capture at all. That will hopefully explain the darkness of the room and poor video quality – I had to “hide” the camera and get some solid eye contact to create the magical conditions required for a Zoe music video performance.

We’re looking forward to these sounds morphing into human-type words, while keeping their beat-box punctuation style – and my sister assures us we’re about to have a talker (and that the talking never stops…) I have to say I might have evidence to the contrary on that one. As you may or may not know, Bart Johnson was a “talks too much” child. Yep, true story – just ask his mom. That said, I have many many witnesses to the fact that this “talks too much” child turned into “doesn’t quite talk enough” adult.

In fact, our friend Maggie marveled that my husband’s speech at our wedding reception was the most words she’d ever heard him say at one time, and she’s known him for 20 years.

So I’m mentally prepared for a talkative child and a talk-challenged adult. Though with a little luck (and a lot of coaching), I’m hoping that our child speaks Johnson AND the English that the rest of us look for in a “good communicator”. Oh, and a little Spanish – the only use I may actually make of my Spanish Education college degree (sorry, mom – but I DID finish!)

More songs to come, I’ll bet – we’ll keep you posted!

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