Zoe the Homeowner!

It’s official! We closed today on Zoe’s new home!

Just 1.2 miles away from our current location – which sounds convenient until we realized that it takes just as long to pack our belongings as it would if we were moving 1,200 miles away. Thankfully, my fabulous husband has been packing boxes for the past 2 weekends, plus at least one every evening. (Thanks, dad!)

The seller is renting back Zoe’s new house through January 11th to have time to finish cleaning everything out, then we’re having a bit of floor work done before we move in, but we’re shooting for a move date of Saturday, January 22nd. So if you’re looking for something fun to do that weekend, let us know!

We’re super excited, and so is Zoe – just ask her! But please don’t mention to her things like “huge debt” or “mortgage” or “as soon as you own it everything falls apart”. We’re trying to maintain her innocence for as long as possible, and if she knew she was technically responsible for the big spend mommy & daddy just made, she might stop being such a wonderful baby. And nobody wants that…

Check out PICTURES of the house from the original listing, if you’re interested. We’ll send out an updated address once we get settled in :)

Now that we’ve closed, I must say it was a super easy process (no joke!) – from stumbling on the house 2 days after it hit the market all the way through the 45 minutes we spent signing closing documents. So I’m taking that as a sign that we’re on the right path in life, and we’re going to do our best to enjoy every minute of it (even the moving part) and be thankful every day :)

HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR!

One thought on “Zoe the Homeowner!

  1. Congratulations to Zoe! Lucky girl has parents who have
    been found WORTHY of a mortgage. Home sweet home indeed. Think of
    this house as a piggy bank. You no longer pay into someone else’s!
    Our houses were our bestest investments. So happy for y’all. With
    my fondest wishes, Oma Helen

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