Zoe’s First Christmas!


It’s official – Zoe’s first Christmas was a smashing success – and we’re not even done yet! We had a very SKYPE Christmas, opening presents and singing Christmas carols with Bart’s family last night and sharing Christmas morning with my sister and her lovely children this morning- all through the magic of video chat! Soon we’ll be cooking fattening (don’t tell…) Southern dishes to bring over to the Muir Family Christmas, which they’re sharing with us this year.

Yes, we are a super lucky bunch!

And Zoe got lots of goodies from Santa (thank goodness one of us was good this year…), so her Christmas career is off to a great start. We even put her in a dress and took pictures (you’re welcome, mom), though as you can see from the first picture shown here, the dress didn’t last too long… Regardless, doesn’t she look great in RED?! Yet another reason to love the season ;)

Hope you and your loved ones had a safe and fabulous Christmas Eve and are enjoying a relaxing Christmas Day filled with laughter and love. And even if you’re not celebrating Christmas, I hope you did something fun anyway during this wacky store-stuffed time. Happy Holidays!!

Not sure how well these will show up in email, if you’re getting the blog that way, but wanted to share some shots of Zoe’s First Christmas, and we had trouble narrowing them down (oh, biased parents…)

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