Party Animal


It’s official: our daughter got some fabulous Johnson genes!

We had our Staff Holiday Party last night, and we got to hear (repeatedly, as she was passed from stranger to stranger) how “laid back” and “mellow” our daughter is! Now, maybe there are more important things you hope to hear as feedback when you’re a parent, but to me, that was a terrific compliment.

While we went the safe route during her first 6 weeks (as recommended) and only exposed her to limited numbers of people – avoiding large crowds, hand-washing, sanitizing – we made sure to keep the noise at a “human” level at home. No whispering, no silent sleep time, honestly, no white noise only time, either. So our little lady can sleep like a champ through the DIN of loud restaurants, group cackling at a party and a Law & Order marathon at a volume level that mommy can hear. And that lack of fear or interest in loud sounds I believe has made her quite comfortable when surrounded by cooing, goo-gooing, hugging human monsters at a party.

We’re headed to a larger party this weekend in San Diego for an awesome housewarming (congrats, Joe & Mary!), so I sure hope our luck holds – or that maybe I’m right about her demeanor. Be it genes or training, it’s a wonderful thing to have a happy child surrounded by happy friends – and she’ll take all the hugs and love she can get!

Speaking of genes, there’s not a chance this child won’t have some hippie tendencies (Dad can’t stop playing hippie music during his dad-daughter time or pointing out the Grateful Dead photo on our bedroom wall and asking “Are you looking at Jerry?”). So I sure hope her comfort level with crowds continues for her own sake so she can enjoy her first High Sierra with dad ;)

Happy Friday, Everyone! Hope Zoe’s smile is contagious!

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