3 Months YOUNG!

Seems like just yesterday our little girl was sleeping, eating, and pooping, day in and day out. Wait, that was yesterday… But today, as she turns 3 months old, she’s also smiling, laughing and shoving her fist in her mouth, which we like to call “progress” ;)

Oh, and rumor has it that she’s getting cuter every single day! In fact, today my mother’s dream of her not-so-girly daughter putting a little girl in a dress actually came true…

Don’t worry, mom, she’s still my daughter – she was only in the dress for 7 minutes for a photo shoot, and she cried as soon as we put it on! Oh, and the awesome mary jane shoes that go with the dress stayed on for all of 12 seconds, so no luck there but we tried! Anyway, a dress. Thanks to our good friends, Mary and Bardo, who ended up with handsome twin boys, but couldn’t resist buying Zoe a cutie pie dress while they were out shopping, my mom gets her wish.

To further celebrate Zoe being a quarter of a year old already, we took her to the doc for her next round of vaccinations – yes, we really are the best parents ever. Fortunately, just one shot today (Hep B) and an oral dose of the Rotavirus vaccine. Apparently Rotavirus is “the leading cause of severe acute gastroenteritis (vomiting and severe diarrhea) among children worldwide”, so in a way, we really ARE the best parents ever, right? Who wants that?! We also got to watch a nurse squeeze Zoe’s cheeks to force her to swallow the stuff (it must taste yucky), and I have to say, that the “blow in their face” method of oral medicine delivery is much more effective.

Zoe officially broke 12 pounds today, and she’s grown a whole inch in the past month. In fact, everyone lucky enough to change her diaper (including the doctor and nurses today) can’t help but exclaim, “look at those thighs!” And they wonder where body image issues start… Poor thing. Daddy’s ear lobes, no eyebrows and Mommy’s thighs. Wish her luck.

Anyway, here we are, 3 months later and much more confident about it all. Notice I didn’t say “better” at it, but I do believe we’ve learned to love it. And it’s true what they say – there’s just no describing what it feels like to watch your sweet child grow and experience the world. At the grocery store she is in awe of all the colors and people to see – and Christmas tree lights were a big hit tonight! Our doctor said this stage of development is like when The Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to color – how cool is THAT?!  Can’t wait to see what comes next!

And I assure you, it won’t be more dresses… (sorry, mom)

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