Happy Hallo-versary to Us!

Yep, we made it one whole year!

Thanks to the love and support of our incredible friends and family and our super terrific love for one another, we did it. And it sure has been an eventful year!

It was also an eventful day, as it turned out. We think Zoe may have gotten concerned that our marriage wouldn’t last through the day, so she basically refused to sleep more than 20 minutes straight, without being attached to one of us. I got a solid hour out of her by wearing her in the Baby Bjorn and swaying back and forth in the kitchen (yes, for an hour), then another hour by rocking her in the glider until my arm fell asleep. So that’s 2 hours.

Then I was able to put her in the swing, where she slept almost another hour until we left for dinner. So that’s 3 (which, by the way is not a lot through a full day for a 2-month old who usually sleeps for 2 hours after each feeding…) To top it all off, she then was fussy and refused to drink much milk for Grandma & Grandpa Johnson while we were away, which is also unusual. Of course, as soon as we got home, she finished the bottle AND breastfed for us. Seriously, I think she was concerned about our marriage.

Now it’s almost 11 pm, and she’s still a bit fussy, which is to be expected from a super over-tired baby – yippee! Hopefully nothing the glider and two determined parents celebrating their 1-year anniversary can’t overcome. And speaking of that, we had a lovely anniversary dinner and came home to watch our wedding video (thanks, Cathy!) and enjoy the yummy caramel cake that Grandma Ruth made us (see above). Wow, can she bake!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary, my love. Even if we’re up all night soothing the best part of our first year together, I wouldn’t change an thing :)

2 thoughts on “Happy Hallo-versary to Us!

  1. Thought of you all day Sunday and the memories of a year ago. It WAS fun!
    Zoe just wanted to remind you of the “busy, busy” from last year!
    Happiest 1 year anniversary! And, happiest, happiest baby girl!

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