Friendly Dinner with a Vampire

Meet Scary Auggie. He’s the son of our friends Dan (the Vampire of the evening) and Leslie (the hostess with the  mostest), and he’s super cute – much cuter without the mask of course, just use your imagination.

We were lucky enough to have an evening out, thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Johnson, and we used that time to hang out with friends and share their  Ocktoberfest dinner complete with bratwurst with German mustard(s), red cabbage, and pork chops with onion gravy – yum, yum, yum. We also got to see our friend Don who’s in town from NY and our friends Sarah and Jeff. Great food, great company, a glass of wine and a really cute kid ;)

So when we arrived, Auggie was having an awesome time running around, laughing at his dad’s vampire teeth, and “scaring” us with his Halloween mask. Then his Uncle Jeff arrived and had him cracking up in the kitchen with is over-reaction to Auggie’s scares and Dan’s teeth (the vampire ones). And then it was time for bed. Needless to say, I was worried – I mean, a riled  up kid around Halloween having to leave a fun adult dinner party to go to bed all by himself… But Leslie prepped him that he had a few minutes (he did not complain), then told him when it was time for bed (no complaints then either!) – WOW. These are the parenting skills we aspire to ;) As Leslie took him off to his bedroom, she looked at us and said “this is your future”. I sure hope she’s right!

It’s also interesting how conversations change once you have a kid. I’ve had more talks with the word “breast” in them than ever (often referring to mine) – lots of talk about sleep and poop and gas, conversations about childcare (nanny vs. daycare) and school districts and doctor visits. I wonder if Zoe would be mortified if she knew how often we talked about her UTI (and told everyone the doc suggested that dad “always wipe front to back”)? Maybe we can keep that our little secret ;)

Anyway, we’re already going through withdrawal, as Grandma & Grandpa Johnson are only here a few more days… But we’re really looking forward to celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary tomorrow night and are thankful they’re here to take care of Zoe while we celebrate! If all works out, Grandma Ruth is going to make us a caramel cake to remind us of our sinful wedding cake (cross your fingers)! And speaking of cakes, we had a yummy one last night from Porto’s Bakery thanks to Uncle Jeff – oh, and it was SCARY… (see below)

To those celebrating Halloween tonight, be safe and have fun! And a quick shout out to my Uncle Terry, who was lucky enough to be born today (I won’t say how many years ago), the day before Halloween!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Terry! :)

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