YIPPEE!!! Talk about a Happy Friday!

Zoe just had her VCUG test this morning, and she is 100% normal! Well, as the doctor clarified, her bladder is completely normal – he apparently can’t vouch for the rest of her ;) This is really great news: no reflux at all, and he thinks her UTI was a fluke.

It was a really crazy scene at the hospital today, I must say. We were allowed to stay in the room with her, provided we wore lead jackets – which we did (Bart’s was blue camouflage print). Three nurses and an x-ray tech were in the room when we arrived, and they were very excited to see she was a girl (easier than testing little boys). The first catheter they tried to put in was too large (which Zoe let them know), but the smaller one worked, then they injected dye, and then they brought in the doctor for the x-rays.

Here’s a mental picture for you:

The machine (which looked exactly like THIS) had a rectangular plate larger than Zoe that lowered towards a table. Under that plate was our child, and at one end was Bart holding her arms and keeping her pacifier in, and at the other end was me holding her legs. It was surreal. In fact, it was a little hard for a mom to watch. She’s just too small to be in a hospital getting big people tests, but I sure hope we’re done.

As it turns out, we have the best baby in the world. She was awesome. Only cried when they put in the catheter and then was calm for the rest of the test – and better yet, she peed right on cue to show the doc that her bladder worked just fine. Good good good baby! Here’s to NORMAL – Happy Friday :)

4 thoughts on “NORMAL!

    1. Seriously! You guys are our heros when it comes to getting past “something” to the beautiful “nothing” stage :) Glad you have 2 happy healthy girls to show for it!

  1. Yay, Zoe! So happy the test turned up normal results. Sounds like as you were a true champ through the procedure. Trecker and Sebastian want another play date ;)

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