My First Mani

Ever seen something happening that didn’t seem quite real and it took you a minute to realize how crazy funny it was?

Well, that just happened to me, or else I’m officially delirious? You decide (but no need to tell me where you land on that one). Anyway… First, I heard my husband trimming Zoe’s nails, which I knew he was going to try and do while she was sleeping. Then, I saw the headlamp… So what did I do? I did what any exhausted mommy would do for her exhausted husband, I grabbed the camera and shot a video. So be aware that if you’re receiving this via email and seeing a little image above in your email and can’t tell it’s a video, it’s worth clicking through ;)

And if you haven’t heard of the nail trimmer he’s using, you should check it out. It’s made by Zo Li (see below), and our friend Sharon Meister (now Harbaugh) gave it to us – and it’s awesome. For anyone afraid of using real nail clippers on teeny tiny nails, this is the perfect gift. And yes, Zoe remained asleep throughout her manicure – my husband is THAT good.

Next week: Paraffin Wax Treatment, I’m sure of it.

Stay tuned ;)

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