Meet Roy

As we prepare for this crazy thing called “birth” we’ve heard several times that we should bring a stuffed animal with us to the hospital. In fact, at the first hospital we toured, the nice tour lady role played telling the story to your child of how “this very stuffed animal was there at your birth” and so on. That was a rather odd thing to watch…

But we fell for it. Enter ROY. We were standing in line at Right Start minding our own business, when Roy just jumped right out at us, and well, he’s been going everywhere we go ever since.

Sure, maybe that’s weird and our descent into crazy parent behavior has already begun, but if we don’t KNOW that, isn’t it really OK? ;)

We also had our first official “get ready” doula meeting last week, so it’s sure starting to feel REAL. Our birth “plan” is in place and we’re out of the danger zone (36+ weeks), so at this point the whole thing’s up to Zoe. Thank goodness I’m not a control freak – HA! Just sit back and relax, right?

My sweet mother is here through tomorrow (then back after the birth), and last weekend we had massages and watched a movie – since everyone says we’ll never enjoy a movie at the theater again. Though I have to say “The Expendables” was not the best choice if we want to remember the movie theater in a positive light. (Don’t do it).

I think I’ve also begun the “nesting” process. Possible Symptom = washing my clothes every other day – just whatever’s dirty, just in case. Or maybe that’s perfectly normal and I’ve been lazy all these years ;)

Anyway, tick tock. Hospital bag packing has begun…

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