The Belly

By oddly popular demand, The Belly.

I know it’s mesmerizing to see something basketball-like poking out of the front of someone else’s body – it is for me, I’ll tell you. In fact, I often notice my reflection in a window and can’t believe that’s me.

So we got some professional belly pictures taken to satisfy everyone’s desire to SEE the belly without having to HAVE the belly – and of course for us to remember what it actually looked like once it’s (mostly) gone in the next few weeks.

For those with time constraints, check out a few select photos on the blog of our fabulous photographer. (SHORT VERSION) But be warned – these are NOT your typical sweet pregnancy photos – we love to laugh and got to do that a lot in our photo shoot. And yes, her company is called “Shoots & Giggles”, which was part of the reason we selected them. The pictures were taken on Venice Beach -many on the colorful strand filled with colorful people- then at the Venice Canals, and then down on Venice Beach itself as the sun was going down.

It’s honestly HARD to look at yourself at such a size, but I must say we had a great time, and I hope you can really tell how much we love one another – and how happy we are to be having sweet Zoe.

If you have more time than most, feel free to check out the rest of the photos on the photographer’s website by clicking on the “clients” link on the left side (MORE PICS) – you’ll need our password: hallgiggles.

And here are 2 of my favorites, for those who like instant gratification (yes, this is the most accommodating blog out there).

6 thoughts on “The Belly

    1. Thanks, Daph! And I love that you have officially lost your ability to spell “colorful” ;) How’s your planning coming – and your new home!? Any updated pictures…?

    1. Oh, Don. Believe me, at this stage, I’m beginning to understand why women feel “ready” – I walk like an elephant (and I look like one, too)! But I do not smell like one… ;)

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