OK, so maybe you didn’t even know I had failed, but I did. My first glucose test for gestational diabetes came back at 162, not FAR over 140, but far enough that I had to take the 3-hour tour. That’s what I affectionately call being starved for 11 hours, then stabbed in the arm once an hour for 3 more hours… By the way, that sugary drink they make you drink really isn’t so bad these days. I chose Lemon-Lime which tastes a lot like flat Mountain Dew, the syrupy part.

So back to the test. When you arrive, they stab you in the arm to test your “fasting” (read: STARVING) blood sugar level, then make you drink syrup, then stab you again once an hour for 3 more hours to test how well your body processes Mountain Dew. The only way to “skip” the tour is to pass the first test (which is just 1 hour) or to fail it so badly that they know you’re in trouble (over 200 is the boundary). Anyway, I made it through 14 food and waterless hours with a kicking baby in my belly. AND I passed. Honestly, I just hate the idea of failing. The only “F” I ever received in school was in college, Accounting 102, and that was because I stopped attending class… (sorry, Mom).

So anyway, I PASSED. And as the doctor said, I can “eat anything I want now” – woo hoo!

In case you’re curious, the picture at the top of the post is something I will NOT have to miss now that I passed my test:

Runny Fudge on a Biscuit

It may be a very Southern thing, who knows (try googling it and you’ll see what I mean), but I have FOND memories of having it for breakfast as a child. Oddly, the google results are mostly women wondering what went WRONG with their fudge-making that kept it runny. You should try it! Here’s a cool video of my grandmother making the fudge when I was home in GA recently, real-time (the joke is that Bart thinks it’s funny that my family uses “margarine” and calls it “butter”):

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