Good Mornin’, Good Mornin’!

A NEW TOP 40 HIT (you heard it here first)!

So Bart has been friends with The Braunwarths since the beginning of time (well, he’s been friends with Mary since college, which I think was like 100 years ago). In fact, he even lived with them at some point in his illustrious LA life. But one of his fondest memories, especially as he becomes a father himself, is of Joe and Mary singing this very song to HIM to wake him – which is no small task. ;)

As the story goes, Bart has traveled with Mary and Joe to Mexico where Mary’s parents live many times and slept on what is fondly referred to as “Bart’s Couch”. Joe and Mary would wake early to go for a run on the beach and return to wake Bart with this wonderful tune. This was all well before Zak entered the picture (he turns 14 TODAY, in fact – Happy Birthday, ZAK!), but clearly, this song is timeless.

I’ll admit I’ve heard this song many times myself, sung by Bart to both me and Zoe, but I’ve never seen the original – and I’ll admit on Bart’s behalf that his version may have some twists and turns – and a little bit of mumbling in it ;) But it’s sweet all the same! He thinks it may be inspired by this one from WCCO-AM radio, a local Minnesota station, since it was a song that Joe’s father sang to him as a child. But at the time of this post, we’re not entirely sure…

And so we’re PROUD to carry the torch on to Zoe (man, she’s lucky), and Bart’s been practicing to make sure he does it justice.

HUGE THANKS to Joe & Mary (and a reluctant Zak) for recording and sharing this with us!

If we can be half the parents you guys are, we’ll consider ourselves a big success :)

Now we’re off to our Childbirth class – maybe I can get Bart to perform it in front of a live audience?

2 thoughts on “Good Mornin’, Good Mornin’!

  1. Joe – you still have somewhat of a voice!! I don’t think your Dad ever sang that song to you – he can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket. In fact, we tell him not to sing in church – just mouth the words!!!

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