Zoe’s 1st Trip to GA

YEE HAW!! Let’s just say Zoe’s first trip to Atlanta has been eventful. Starting with a 2 hour flight delay, we landed at midnight in the craziest baggage claim I’ve ever seen in the Atlanta airport. I know it’s hard to see, but this was our carousel, and there were 12+ flights coming in simultaneously – a zoo.

I’ve been flying home for almost 12 years, but I’ve never seen this? There was “air traffic trouble” in Atlanta causing a stack-up that affected lots of flights, and every rental car company. Anyway, we got one of the last 2 cars available from National (there was a huge line for Hertz, but my husband was smart enough to book TWO cars), and headed to our hotel to finally sleep around 2 am. Zoe was a trooper.

Then we got up early the next day and drove down to Columbus, GA to surprise my sister – that part was great! (thanks for making it happen, Frank!). I got to stand at her door, while ON the phone with her, ring her bell insistently and hear her say “someone’s ringing my doorbell 10 times! who would do that?!”  Only me ;)

I’ve got some fun videos and pics of the fun that has followed over the past few days: Baby Shower, Birthday celebration, Closing on my sister’s new house, and Oh, yes, playground fun… You’ll see! There really is no place like home.

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