Baby Shower Fun in GA

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not so great at being center of attention… So I was really dreading a Baby Shower back home at my Grandmother’s church, where some incredibly sweet ladies who remember me as “one of the twins”, mostly from when I was a baby, would sit around a circle and celebrate my belly contents (the baby ones). I have to say, it was a pretty wonderful experience.

It started by going around the room and having everyone say how they knew me – I learned a lot! Willie Baskins was one of the first to hold us as babies. She used to run the local drugstore in the very small town of Royston, GA where I was born, and she was delivering medicine at just the right time ;) It was such a warm feeling to hear how vividly our birth was remembered (of course, it WAS a small town, and my mom wasn’t expecting twins…) and how many people still loved and respected my grandmother. Family is a really cool thing.

During the shower, we hear “help me! help me!” from the play room, where I go to find my nephew Spencer has trapped himself in an exersaucer. So of course (vs. helping), I run back to grab my camera and video it. You’re welcome ;)

My cousin Cathy took some pictures of the event, so I’ll post one of those soon, too, for a better visual of the fun – and maybe even a shot of the “diaper cake”, if you’re lucky. Stay tuned.

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