Movin’ on Up!

After a fabulous week home in GA, we’re about to head back to the left coast today. But before we go, Uncle Bart has had some fun with boxes (this man is going to make an incredible mom)!

We’ve also had a chance to learn some pro parenting skills while babysitting the kids at the playground (apparently “McDonalds” is a magical word that convinces kids to leave the playground!), by watching them interact with other kids who came over to visit (not to mention how they interact with one another) – and more importantly, we’ve learned that Bart must learn to both count AND spell for this parent thing to work…

But the biggest takeaway: One Is Plenty ;)

Also, I think the GA humidity is rough on pregnant ladies. Not only has my belly “popped” (that’s a technical term for “to become uncomfortably distended”), which was expected, but the moisture around here is not friendly to those prone to swelling. Oh, and hot + thunderstorms = air goo. After almost 12 years in LA, I am 100% spoiled.

Regardless, I’m still feeling GREAT, and there’s nothing greater than friends and family to remind you how lucky your child is join the party – Yee Haw, ya know ;)

2 thoughts on “Movin’ on Up!

  1. Nothing worse than a sweaty pregnant lady with swollen ankles! But I mean this is the nicest way—with such compassion!

    1. oh, Don – I’m right there with you – in fact, I hope to SEE you next week so you can share my sweaty, swollen pregnantness! :) please work on the compassion part prior…

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