It Really is RED

Not a great picture, but I think you get the idea – it’s RED. We got it from a roadside furniture seller (Kobak… Russian, very nice, “works” on the furniture himself). He didn’t have what we wanted in his roadside inventory, but he sent us to the “Burrbahnk Moll” to see his son Alek in their actual store full of garage-sale looking items – and if we didn’t like the price, we were supposed to have Alek call him (which we did).

We walked in and there it was – RED. And if you look closely (again, I realize no one’s going to hire me for product photography), it bows out on each side of the center line – it’s got character, curves. Or as Bart likes to say, it’s got a gap in the middle where our bellies go while we change diapers.

I don’t have the heart to tell him that, if all goes well, at least ONE of us will have a smaller belly than we do now by the time we’re changing diapers ;) You might not want to mention that, either…

Anyway, back to the dresser. Plan is to get a changing pad for the top, so it’s a multi-function piece. Something I’m sure our child will want to hang on to for years and years and years – pass on to her children. Or else she’ll end up hating red just to spite us, who knows? And when she wants us to trade it in for a pink Barbie dresser like her best friend has, I’m sure I’ll cry.

Until then, it’s RED RED RED. And no Barbie…

Besides, my theory: “baby” rooms aren’t really decorated all fluffy for the baby (babies can’t even SEE very far for months) – they’re all soft and sweet and “baby” to remind parents how cute their babies are, even when they’re screaming their heads off. I think I’m right on this one.

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