Zoe Hearts Visitors!

Talk about a lucky little girl (and a lucky us!), we’ve had lots of visitors out here in the Johnson House over the past month and a half! Looks like getting the guest room ready early was a really good idea :)

We got to see (almost) the entire Johnson clan for Ruth & Bernie’s 50th Anniversary celebration in early April, then Ruth & Bernie came to our house and did some really cool projects around the house (oh, and we got homemade Snickerdoodles out of the deal, too!). Grandparents ROCK!

Just over a week ago, my cousin Cathy (picture left) came out for a long weekend to LA for the first time – she put her toes in the Pacific and had her first Shabu Shabu experience. Then we went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and introduced her to lots of friends at a BBQ for Adam & Don (please come back to LA) and with the Muir clan for Mother’s Day! We also went to an Art Fair here in Studio City, and Cathy bought Zoe her first doll (I’ll post separately, it’s really cool).

Literally as Cathy was leaving LA, my Mom got stuck out here on her way to a cruise. Unfortunately (well, FORTUNATELY, if you ask me!), her flight was delayed from NY, and she literally “missed the boat”! So we got to hang out with her last week and got homemade biscuits & gravy (YUM!). Can you beat that?!

Mid-week, Bart’s brother Greg got in town, so we had a full house from Wednesday through Saturday, which was awesome because Greg helped us move stuff, assemble the crib and find/buy a dresser for Zoe’s room (will also post a picture separately – and not to spoil the surprise, but it’s RED).

Whew. I’m tired just writing all that out, but it’s been incredible to have so much family around to share our pregnancy time. So don’t be shy – if you’re looking for a great place to spend your summer vacation, come on out to the Johnson House – we’ve got references! Rates are cheap, Bart can cook, and yes, you can touch the belly if you’d like ;)

I know we went “dark” on the blog for several days, but hope we’re making up for it (and not overwhelming everyone!) And in answer to the number one question lately: “I feel GREAT!” Seriously, no complaints. If the baby part goes anywhere near as well as the pregnancy is going, we’ll be super lucky. Yes, I still owe a belly picture – will work on that…

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