The Crib Story

Oh yes, this crib has a story. Handmade (no joke) by my very own husband over 14 years ago for his godson, Zak, this crib has served as a sleepy jail for 4 wonderful children – and now will be home to our sweet Zoe when she arrives. Bart loves to tell the story of how he bartered his time as a teaching assistant for hours in the woodworking shop to make the crib (after getting an A on his own project for the class, a stool he likes to show off to anyone brave enough to sit on it).

He chose the wood himself (Padauk), hand-glued every part meticulously – then almost killed himself staining it in his tiny Santa Monica apartment.

It was all for a good cause (Zak turned out great – as did Maya, Mia & Julia – fingers crossed for Zoe), and I’m thankful he gets to see his own child sleep in it soon (please hope for sleep…). Extra thanks to our friends Mary & Bardo, who had twin boys in February (Sebastian & Trecker) – they were next on the list for the crib, but they passed it on to us instead.

So today Bart & his brother Greg put the crib back together (thanks, Gary for marking the pieces!). It was quite an adventure, and you’ve never seen a prouder papa than the one putting his own crib back together ;)

Next, crib sheets and blankets and bumpers, oh my! Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “The Crib Story

  1. I remember when the crib was made. Bart’s apartment in Santa Monica became a carpentry studio. Fabulous.

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