The Perfect Diaper Bag

I am convinced that even new parents can travel light. Bear with me. If you happen to be a parent, I’m not suggesting that YOU overpack – OR that you lack creativity when you bring 3 outfits, 16 toys, etc etc along with you when you head to the grocery. I’ll admit that I could be wrong. But man, I really really want to be right.

My theory: kids want to play with anything BUT the toys you want them to play with (on the whole), so why bother packing those? For example, your keys, your glasses, your jewelry, electrical outlets, and so on seem to be quite appealing, right? And while I’m sure running out of something would really stink, I’ve never seen a parent out in public with an EMPTY diaper bag.

Honestly, it’s my biggest fear that I AM wrong, but being the hopeful person I am, I was thrilled to find the perfect diaper bag last weekend (which Bart’s wonderful parents purchased for me – thanks, Ruth & Bernie!) – check it out:

Logic Diaper Bag by JJ Cole Collections

Laugh if you will, but this little bag is strategically shaped to hold quite a few diapers, wipes, snacks -also comes with a matching changing pad and has an insulated pouch that holds TWO bottles. How about that? Plus, talk about hands-free. Now all I have to figure out is how to keep my “always prepared” husband from packing 3 other bags to carry along with it… just in case :)

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Diaper Bag

  1. We just went with a small backpack. Seems to work great and it is something that we can use in the future. The only part of the diaper bag we were given at the shower we really ever used was the changing pad.

  2. I agree that you don’t need to carry around a bunch of toys to entertain your child. The world is pretty entertaining on its own.

    That bag is pretty cool. We ditched the whole diaper bag thing and throw everything into a regular old backpack. Have you seen this ?

    Just remember, that while you may not need extra toys, you will need an extra change of clothes…or two. A blow-out always seems to come when you are least ready for it.

    1. Whoa – now THAT is a diaper bag, Liz – can’t wait to show Bart! Though I must say, I feel pretty confident we’ll end up with a backpack, too… Here’s to an entertaining world (with fewer blinky, loud plastic toys) ;)

  3. I am on diaper bag number three. Despite machine washing, the “wipe clean” material that’s used for many eventually becomes stinky to the point of no return. My current is my favorite thus far. It’s by Babymel – the Amanda Zipper style. Perhaps keep it in mind if Bart decides he needs his own, larger pack, or for when you’re in need of a replacement. It has two, insulated bottle pouches, and many inside and outside pockets for snacks, clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. I hang mine from the handlebars of our stroller. You will need multiple outfits during the initial liquid pooh stage. Poor Zoe shouldn’t have to ride around the chilly grocery store in Bart’s North Face or your shawl/scarf! Here’s how the scenario unfolds: Baby wakes up, you feed her, you quickly plop her in her car seat because you have only a small window of time until she needs to sleep again, she takes advantage of the ideal positioning of the car seat & poops nearly up to her neck (outfit change #1), upon completing changing her diaper and soiled clothes in the trunk or front seat of your car you sit her up only to have her vomit her meal that hasn’t yet had a chance to digest all over her shirt and you (outfit change #2). BTW, I think you’re on the right track re: the non-toys – and using “real” things encourages imaginative play. One more thought while I’m on a roll – if you use formula go with the powder; it’s easier to use and the pre-made stains clothing.

    1. WOW, Liz – this is great stuff :) Though I’m not encouraged by the costume changes, I’ll just have to convince myself we’re raising Cher (in a good way) and just go with it, right? Thanks!

  4. Don’t forget the change of clothes for you. Yoga pants work well because lightweight, compact, and versatile. Not needed for your everyday bag but good for long flights. I haven’t discovered a good equivalent for guys.

    There are as many different theories on diaper bags as there are people. My sister Allison, who doesn’t even have kids, decided to make her own:

    And yes, poop up to the neck is not apocryphal. When it occurred on my watch I happened to be in a department store so I did the dad thing and just bought new clothes for everyone.

    1. WOW – your sister’s diaper bag ROCKS! Wish I were that clever, but oh well. I love your poop story – cracked me up! I can almost see it, though thankfully not smell it ;)

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