I Almost Had THIS Guy…

So we’re on a walk this weekend, and my husband points to a car on the street and says, “Hey, that looks just like the car I used to have.” Yes, THIS car.

A hot white Ford Fiesta – aka “Chick Magnet”, “Love Machine”… How in the world I landed such a catch, I’ll never know. So I said, Honey, maybe you shouldn’t tell people that.

Then he proceeds to tell me how he had a “rockin’ stereo system” with a subwoofer where the spare tire was supposed to fit and the spare just lying around in the back. Again, lucky me?

I’m not sure how Bart Johnson got all the way from THIS car to the Acura TSX he has now (thank God) or the Room & Board furniture or the Flor carpet tiles (yes, Greg Johnson, I know I have you to thank for much of that!) – all the way to the other end of the spectrum, though not on the “baby” budget.

Regardless, I’m thankful to have THIS guy vs. THAT guy. Even though he of course pointed out that there’s a new Ford Fiesta coming out that’s “getting great reviews”. Some things never change ;)

8 thoughts on “I Almost Had THIS Guy…

  1. that car was awesome! and yes killer stereo. i remember visiting bart once during those years and i rode with him to work one day and it was the scene right out of L.A. story where steve martin drives thru neighborhoods avoiding the highway all while shaving in the rearview mirror.

      1. I loved the Fiesta! Such a great little car. And I think it got about 100 miles per gallon.

      2. oh my – well, if it makes you feel any better, people are still driving the old ones – maybe you can get one cheap ;) can’t wait to see you guys next weekend!

  2. Yes, I remember that super peppy Festiva It was a babe repellent – not a chick magnet – but it had a wonderful kick ass stereo system and parking was never a problem. Bart was driving the Festiva on the 405 as OJ and the Bronco passed right by going North.
    Good times. RIP little car.

  3. The Fiesta: also known as the toaster, was a very important vehicle in all of our lives. I had many a delicious warmed muffin come out of that baby.

    1. I was so curious about your warmed muffin. Then Bart said he used to pick up a muffin every day on the way to work in that car. Now I’m less intrigued, even if your story is better ;)

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