Strollers and Strollers and Strollers, Oh My!

As though simply having a child at all weren’t complicated enough, enter the Stroller Shopping:

First of all, there are apparently thousands of strollers to choose from. Better yet, apparently you need lots of them – one to hold the infant carrier that clicks into the car seat (but only up to a certain weight limit), one to jog with (ha!), one for “all terrain” with monster mud wheels, one for just heading out for short trips, and if you’re REALLY COOL, one for just cruising around the neighborhood that would NEVER fit in a car to take anywhere. Surely you’ve seen the “pram“?

For the low-low price of $760 (and that’s on which is cheaper than several other sites), you, too can have a new-school, yet OLD school bassinet on wheels. Not practical but oh so cute.

We’d honestly love help? We’re looking for the lightest infant carrier possible (without a puzzle lock, ideally) and a lean, mean stroller that’s easy to fold, adaptable as Zoe grows, and not $1000. Yes, they really do sell $1000 strollers (I had no idea). In fact, if you’ve got $2900 to spend, check THIS pram out.

For the Johnson family, not so much. Any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Strollers and Strollers and Strollers, Oh My!

  1. Hi guys!

    Okay, I am a stroller EXPERT! An aficionado some might even say! I have 4 strollers, and up until two months ago I only had one baby! I know what’s what and who’s what and would be delighted to help steer you :-)

    But before I say anything else and start to tell you how AWESOME the Maxi Cosi carseat is (sooooo much lighter/easier/better designed than the American options – it’s Euro!) I have to tell you about an amazing website (and store) called Lets Go Strolling ( The actual storefront is in the Bay Area, which you live nowhwere near, but their prices are extremely reasonable and comparable to everything else out there, but the women who own this store know EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about strollers! You tell them a) how you live b) what you want/need c) what your lifestyle is like d) what your budget is e) if you think you’ll have more kids, and they will tell you the EXACT strollers that are perfect for you in every which way.

    Things to think about are really simple:
    a) handlebars – adjustable handlebars are important when mom/dad are really different heights. If one of you was substantially taller, I’d say this would matter.
    b) foldability – how often will you put this in/out of the car
    c) storage – HUGE HUGE HUGE issue. I always wish I had more storage under the stroller because I have come to learn that I HATE hanging my stroller bag from the handlebars (in some cases it’s heavier than the stroller and therefore tips things over – not in the baby’s favor!)
    d) adaptability – if you THINK you might want to have another kid someday, or enter into a nanny-share down the road – you might want to consider getting a stroller that has the ability to add a “jump seat” onto the back of the stroller and make it a great option for two babes, versus just one. Several different strollers offer this and we LOVE our double and have used it for many many many outings with friends/kids/nanny-share/etc.

    If you want to talk specific Brands I’d be delighted to chat with you about what we bought (we have a Bugaboo which I hate like crazy, a Quinny which I love love love, and love some more, a Phil & Ted’s which I totally and completely adore, and a Silver Cross which I like so-so) but I also used to work for a really high-end baby and kids store and know a lot about Stokke, Maxi-Cosi, Uppa Baby and a few others.

    Okay, this is probably world’s longest comment of all time, so I’ll wrap it up – but please give me a shout if you want to talk stroller… there’s nothing I’d rather do (in fact, don’t tell Brad (!) but I think I’m considering trading in a few of my current strollers for a new model!!)

    All our love from Stroller central!


    1. Holy canoli, Jenn! This longest comment ever really ROCKS – we’re lost at sea (I should say we WERE lost at sea) but you will absolutely be hearing from one or both of us for stroller (and car seat) info – it’s overwhelming to go into a store… Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Suz,
    I LOVED my Zooper Boogie jogging stroller. Althought I never did jog w/it, it was terrific for manuvering up and over curbs and other obstacles in our path. Had great storage and sun coverage too. Go to for info.

  3. Oh Bart – thanks for the laugh! :) I wonder what the struggle was like leading up to the video… Happy shopping!

  4. Bart & Suz. Perhaps by now you’ve already made a stroller purchase? If not, here are my two cents. We own four strollers (Graco infant car seat snap in, Maclaren lightweight umbrella, BOB aluminum front wheel jogger, and a Joovy Caboose double). My fav by FAR is the double. It’s easily maneuverable/steers well. The under carriage storage is reasonably plentiful and accessible, it comes with a stretchy wetsuit material band that fits across the handlebars to hold two drinks – plus an envelope and a zipper pouch, there’s a removable snack tray for the front passenger, the front seat reclines, and stand/sit platform for the back passenger also adjusts. This stroller came with an attachment that fit onto the front (in lieu of the snack tray) that allowed for our infant car seat to be strapped in. The car seat doesn’t “snap” it is literally kept in place with a strap that is stored in the arm of the stroller. If this had been our first stroller purchase it may have been our only. My only complaint is that during the infant car seat stage, the stroller doesn’t fit into our car with the car seat attachment in place – the attachment has to be removed every time. I know you’re just working on child #1 right now but even if you don’t plan to have a #2 this stroller might be a good option. It goes from infant to seated child to standing child. I believe we paid less than $300. Hope this helps. And hope to see you soon!

    1. You are moments too late, dear Liz – we JUST purchased our “first” stroller (please cross your fingers…) – we got the Chicco Car Seat and the Snap ‘n’ Go frame – it’s so easy to collapse, one-handed, and the Chicco is one of the lightest ones out there. I’d love to see yours & get a real tour, though I have to say we looked at a gazillion of them got land where we did, I’m so sure we’re about to learn something ;) Thank you!

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