Definitely, Positively a GIRL!

First, a word of warning… This video proves, she’s a girl (explicitly). So watch at your own risk :)

Second, we’re having video ISSUES – I’ve contacted VideoPress to see why our blog videos are loading sideways, so if it loads sideways for you (and your cheek is not connected to your shoulder), you can see the video on YouTube here. UPDATE: I figured out how to embed the video from YouTube. Take THAT, Mommy brain.

We just went yesterday for our “official” ultrasound at the big doctor’s office (vs. the private ultrasound we did a few weeks ago), and this time we know for sure, we’ve got a ZOE in there!

Here are some of the cool things we found out:

  1. She’s a girl (ha! you expected this one, right?)
  2. She’s 10 oz and 7 inches long already at 19 weeks and 2 days for development, which is 4 days ahead of schedule (in other words, right on track – or overachiever?)
  3. She has all her working parts, including a strong heart (165 bpm), kidneys, stomach (and super cute feet)
  4. She’s going to be brilliant (the dr said so…) – in fact, she said “Princeton”
  5. She is incredibly active. For fun she was sitting on and kicking my bladder during the ultrasound…We believe she was working the camera – we could have a performer on our hands?

MOMMY UPDATE = thrilled, feeling good, um, gaining weight (Bart assures me that’s just the baby growing), and definitely showing – we owe you guys a belly pic! Definitely feeling motion in the belly that’s NOT digestion – more like someone poking (ok, kicking) me from the inside – it’s pretty cool!

DADDY UPDATE = thrilled, feeling good, um, losing weight (though not proportionately so), and he owes you a belly pic, too ;) Also claims motion in the belly, but I’m certain it’s not a baby in there. Further investigation on that postponed indefinitely.

Up Next? Additional weight gain, RAPID baby development, some sort of birthing and infant type classes, still need to make a baby room – not sure when panic is supposed to set in? We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, GIRL POWER ROCKS!

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