The Johnson Family 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Yes, the Johnson Family really knows how to rock the house! For Ruth & Bernie’s 50th wedding anniversary, the family gathered in Palm Springs to celebrate, and celebrate we did. Oh yes, Bartleyhana put on quite a show at the cake cutting – and yes, that is the father of the child in my belly. Won’t Zoe be proud? ;)

We really had a great time, and I think Ruth & Bernie did, too! My favorite part(s) were hearing the story of how they met (through church – went to Bernie’s Junior Prom together), how they got engaged (sitting in Bernie’s car at a stop sign he said “I’ve got something for you” and put the ring on her finger – apparently there was no “asking” – Oh how Johnson is That?!), and the stories of the birth of their children (ranging from 7 pounds 4 oz to 9 pounds 10 oz – and that was Andrea, the baby/only girl with 4 older brothers!).

It’s such a warm feeling to be with such a great family as we prepare to “make” our own. I heart the Johnsons and am thrilled to be part of the family. Congrats again, Ruth & Bernie!

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